Mancuso Medical Legal Consulting is uniquely positioned to help lawyers, risk managers, and insurance companies with healthcare related claims or issues.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Interface with clients, physicians, and attorneys
  • Accompany clients to independent medical exams
  • Assist attorneys in understanding the medical facts and issues pertaining to a case or claim
  • Provide insights and references in the literature and evidence that support the merits of a claim
  • Clarify existing standards of care and show relationship to the allegations at hand
  • Identify the standard of care and “best practice” at the time of a claim
  • Identify “best practice” related to a claim
  • Evaluate breach of duty claims
  • Align exhibit materials and prepare witnesses
  • Design and provide graphic exhibits for trial
  • Identify and obtain expert witnesses
  • Organize and present pertinent litigation materials
  • Develop a chronology of the case
  • Discern evidence of record tampering
  • Obtain medical records and identify those that may be missing